Kikki K Medium Mint Planner – Unboxing and First Impressions

Last week after a long (and impatient) wait, my medium dark mint Kikki K planner got delivered. The post service tried to deliver it on Wednesday and Thursday but I was not at home and finally they dropped it off at a pick up point. So Saturday morning arrived and the first thing that I... Continue Reading →

Week 3 in the pocket

This past week was the first week that I was in the Aston pocket size Filofax. I had thought that the pen loop and strap being there would get in the way and quickly become annoying. However, this hasn't seemed to be the case! Getting money and coins in and out of that pocket has... Continue Reading →

Week 2 in the pocket

This will be a shorter post than the last one as there has only been one major change that I made. However, this change has made so much of a difference!  When I first bought the grey malden, the person who I bought if from included a clear removable tabbed divider as there was no... Continue Reading →

Comparison series

I've been thinking of doing a comparison series. I find that when I'm trying to research on some planners that I'm interested in, it would be nice to get some comparisons to other binders that are similar on even not similar. Now that I have some what of a collection going on, I thought that... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Personal Buckingham

I had been eyeing this filofax for a while and when trying to do some research on it, I couldn't find any reviews! So I went to the Philofaxy facebook page and asked. Someone had the exact same one I was looking to get, a blue buckingham. It was gorgeous!!! And when she said, it... Continue Reading →

Week 1 in the pocket

At the beginning of this month I challenged myself to stick to a pocket size for the whole month. I've now been in a pocket filofax for a week, and I thought it may nice to do weekly reviews of how I'm coping. I used the layout of my personal sized filofax as a starting... Continue Reading →

Gillio meet-up 2015

Another post that I have been meaning to write before this but life and in particular, school got in the way. Better late than never though, right? So two weekends ago I had the great opportunity to go to Antwerp for the Gillio meet up. Unfortunately I could not stay for the whole weekend as... Continue Reading →

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