COMPARISON: Malden vs Holborn (personal size)

Welcome to the beginning of a hopefully long series of comparisons that I will do between all the planners that I own. When I was first getting into planners and filofaxes, I loved watching and reading the reviews of different planners. But what I liked most was when people compared the model to another planner... Continue Reading →


Hi! Yes it's been a while and I'm sorry for that. But as I had said in a previous post, it was exam period and so I had no time to spend here. But now that my last major exam is over I can get back to writing posts :).  I had mentioned in a... Continue Reading →

Quick post: scrobby haul

Want to quickly share with you what I bought from the Dutch based online store called Scrobby. Have been waiting for the websters Pages teal and white striped for a long time and they finally had them in stock, along with the divider set of the white planner which you can purchase separately. Also got... Continue Reading →

Last week and a half in the pocket!

Yesterday was the last day of my pocket challenge. Nothing changed so much from the 3rd week's update. I did start using highlighter page flags more which I found helped with forward planning and making things stand out. Because the space is limited, having to cancel an appointment by scratching it out was very annoying.... Continue Reading →


So if you're in the planner world, you may be familiar with the term "unicorn". If you're new to the planner world you may be wondering what this means exactly? Well, it is a term used to refer to someone's dream planner that they wish to have, a planner that is very rare and hard... Continue Reading →

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