So if you’re in the planner world, you may be familiar with the term “unicorn”. If you’re new to the planner world you may be wondering what this means exactly? Well, it is a term used to refer to someone’s dream planner that they wish to have, a planner that is very rare and hard to find. This “unicorn” may also bring them to a state of “planner peace” (planner friends please correct me if I’m wrong here). 

A few weeks back, someone on the Kate Spade Facebook page was mentioning that she was explaining what her unicorn was to her boyfriend. To be brief, her boyfriend in turn said that she was not looking for her unicorn but instead for her “giant panda” (and some other endangered animal). He had hit the nail right on the head!

Ever since I became part of this planner community, I have always questioned the use of this word. It didn’t seem to fit! A unicorn is an imaginary, fantasy creature. It does not exist! Therefore saying that an aqua Malden is you’re unicorn never gelled with me. Perhaps it is hard to find, but it does exist and is therefore still attainable. So maybe we should start calling them “green turtles”, or “blue whales”, or “Jaguars”! Pick any endangered species, unfortunately there is a long list! 

Now that I have found a name (or names) appropriate for those kinds of planners, I can share with you my list of true “unicorns” 🙂 

  1. “Whipped cream” medium Gillio compagna
  2. Zipped a6 Touch Me Van der Spek
  3. A Gillio clutch made in the same way as the Pineider “Juliet”, with the same pocket layout.
  4. Filofax Originals in pocket size
  5. All Filofax styles in A6 size

5 thoughts on ““Unicorn”

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  1. My unicorn is an A5 Deco, with the same pocket configuration on the left, but the zipped section and a vertical slip pocket on the right instead of the pouch. *sigh*

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  2. There is a difference between a “drool list” (aka want list) like the one you posted and a unicorn.
    I may have misunderstood the term but I never thought “unicorn” just meant the dream planner. Unicorn may mean the dream planner to some people because they think it would bring them “planner peace” — that it’s THE ONE. But, it goes deeper than that. We all know it’s almost impossible to find THE ONE because our lives and needs change with time. Never mind the fact that some gorgeous planners may be more ideal in our mind or images on someone else’s blog — than in real life. How many times have we bought a planner of our dreams only to think “that’s it?”
    So unicorn is actually an accurate term in this context. It refers to a planner that we think will magically put our lives in order, be a confidante that holds our thoughts and plans. A planner that somehow will make everything else right. In short, a planner that does not really exist. But we all have fun trying to find it by drooling over other people’s pictures and stalking ebay and Philofaxy Adspot 🙂


    1. Thanks for your contribution. You have a sound point :). I guess I am taking the term very literally. The list I made above are planners and things that don’t even exist (other than in my dreams), which is why I have termed them my “unicorns” lol. But yes, if we are going by your last definition, then the term “unicorn” also fits. 🙂


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