Comparison: Guildford vs Kensington

I have another comparison for you :). I had a hard time collecting official specifications for the Kensington in terms of the actual type of leather used, and the measurements of the planner. On the Kensington it says it's made from "real leather", so this is what I've put in the chart. I have also... Continue Reading →

Quick post: awesome finds!

So these two beauties came into my life today :). The yellow original I bought online from someone. It's preloved and came quite dirty. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to clean it up, but a damp cloth was all I needed to make it new again. Love the Originals for that reason alone!... Continue Reading →

The one that started it all…

I had always been intrigued by ringed planners and had wanted to try them out. At that time, I had only seen the Success (Dutch) brand and since the ones I saw and liked were leather and therefore expensive, I didn't dare buy one. The Filofax brand was not on my radar. And then one... Continue Reading →

Comparison: Guildford vs Aston

Another Filofax comparison for you, this time the Aston vs the Guildford. It was hard to get official specifications of the Aston from an official filofax website as the model is discontinued. So I got most of the specification details of the Aston from Filowiki website. Do check it out as there is an extensive... Continue Reading →

Quick Post: Language Filo Set-up

I very recently started a Dutch language course. I thought I would only start sometime after the summer holidays (usually there is a long waiting list for this particular course), but I here I am! Some months ago, in the Philofaxy facebook group, someone asked for suggestions as to how to set up a filofax... Continue Reading →


Guildford Original Rings 23mm 23mm Leather Deluxe cow nappa leather Thick cow leather (some models with a patent finish) Dimensions Height: 150mm Width: 126mm Depth: 42mm Height: 188mm Width: 134mm Depth: 44mm Left 6 credit card pockets 1 deeper pocket 1 secretarial pocket 2 credit card pockets 1 full length slip pocket Multifunctional elastic holder... Continue Reading →

Finsbury Unboxing

Since I started the comparison series, I've been on the lookout for a cheap personal sized Finsbury. Lucky for me, I recently won a pink Finsbury on ebay which arrived yesterday. Yes, it is worn out and has been well used and loved, but for the price that I got it, I'm fine with the... Continue Reading →

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