Review: Personal Filofax Finchley

If you have been following have read my posts for the past month or so, you will know that I have been looking for a planner to give to my dad as a present. I first bought the Filofax Guildford which you can go and read the review of it here. Shortly after that, I found a Finchley at a very good price, so I snapped that up as I have always heard good things about the Finchley but had never held one before. 

It arrived the week I was trying out the Guildford for size ;), and I have to be honest, it wasn’t love! I liked the Guildford more! (gasp)

Sometimes I have this about a binder, and all I need to do is move in and then it’s alright. So I thought I would try it for a week (like I did with the Guildford) and see if I grew to love it… That didn’t happen! :/

However, this is good news! Because the Finchley was in much better condition that the Guildford, so I will give my father that one instead! 😀

So here it is: 

WP_20150724_001 WP_20150724_002 WP_20150724_003

I find that Finchley is mainly compared with the Aston Filofax. I can see why, but I also want to point out the similarities it has with the Guildford.


The leather of the Finchley is closer to the Aston as they are both textured/ pebbly. But if you look closely, the Guildford and Finchley both have stitching detail that creates a boarder around the area where the strap snaps into place


On the left, the Guildford has a completely different layout to the Finchley and Aston, who share the same pocket configuration.


But on the right hand side, the Guildford and the Finchley both have mesh pockets, where the Aston is from leather.


Again you will see the same type of stitching detail around the strap where it is attached to the planner on the Guildford and Finchley. Of course the stitching stands out more on the Finchley as the thread is in a contrasting colour to the binder.

At the spine they all look very different to each other :).


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Finchley. It is a beautiful planner in my opinion. I really don’t understand why I didn’t bond with it…perhaps it was the colour? I will be on the look out to see if there is another colour available for me at a good price, and perhaps I will give the Finchley another try.

Until next time,



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