Planner set up in my custom Van der Spek

Hi there! So I've finally done it: made a planner set up video!!! 😀 I love watching and reading about how others are using and setting up their planner. So I decided that perhaps it's time I did one of my own. Hope you like it! 🙂 And once again, please like the video... Continue Reading →

Van der Spek – leather samples

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed my previous video. Here I would like to present to you my second Van der Spek video. Not so rushed this time and I also showed and talked about the leather samples that I have. I also mention the other leathers that have recently become available. Here are some pics... Continue Reading →

To A6 or not to A6…

There is a growing movement towards the A6/ Senior size in the planner community. A6 size has, for quite a while, intrigued me. This is because I think it would be easier to print out and make your own inserts in this size. Most importantly, you're not wasting paper (A6 is half of A5, which... Continue Reading →

My Van der Spek video

Seems to be the time that I'm making different videos that usual. First the pocket sizes comparisons and now I present to you my custom Van der Spek (VdS) planner!!! I filmed this video in order to enter into a competition by Van der Spek. The person with the most likes will get a prize!... Continue Reading →

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