Planner set up in my custom Van der Spek

Hi there!

So I’ve finally done it: made a planner set up video!!! 😀

I love watching and reading about how others are using and setting up their planner. So I decided that perhaps it’s time I did one of my own. Hope you like it! 🙂

And once again, please like the video and/ or subscribe to my channel so that I can get a chance to win a free Van der Spek planner!!! The competition closes on the 1st of October, and my birthday is just a few days after that! So would greatly appreciate if you could make that wish come true :).

‘Till next time,


3 thoughts on “Planner set up in my custom Van der Spek

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Always interesting to look at other people’s set-ups, mine’s ever evolving and it’s inspiring to see what other people are doing! 😀


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