Quick Post: Language Filo Set-up

I very recently started a Dutch language course. I thought I would only start sometime after the summer holidays (usually there is a long waiting list for this particular course), but I here I am! Some months ago, in the Philofaxy facebook group, someone asked for suggestions as to how to set up a filofax for language learning. Of course I took an interest as I knew I wanted to enrol in this course and use one of my A5 filofaxes to assist in learning. From the suggestions that were given, I have been able to convert my A5 Charleston (previously used as my school/master research binder) into my language filofax! 🙂



My A5 red Charleston in all it’s glory! 😀 And yes, I’m one of those people who keeps the ring protection paper. I know it looks ugly…I will have to come up with a prettier alternative…


Behind the front cover is a week on one page filofax insert for the rest of this year. The filofax ruler will mark which week I am in. I have also hole punched some papers with the time table, room allocation, rules and other important information that we received in the first lesson. In the front pockets I have put some even more important documents (contract, proof of payment) in one envelope for safe keeping.


And here are my sections so far:

  • Vocabulary – this will be sub-divided (with page flags) into categories
  • Grammar
  • Exercises – don’t worry, I’ve since corrected my spelling mistake on the tab 😉
  • Duolingo – I had started using Duolingo before taking this course and think that it is useful to perhaps continue it. So I will write out any notes from there as well in this section
  • Verbs – and their conjugations

In addition to this filo, I have a travelers notebook which is what I take to the actual lesson. For one, it’s smaller to haul around, and secondly, I can write notes and scribble and make as many mistakes as I want without worrying that it’s not neat and categorised properly. So the plan is that for revision, I write out my notes neatly into my filofax, putting all the necessary information in the right place. So all new vocab learned that day will go in the vocab section, grammar in the grammar section, etc.

I have another dutch language learning book which I may also add a section for. But I want to use this set up first and find out if there is a section that perhaps isn’t necessary. For instance, perhaps it’s not neccessary to have an exercise section as I would have done the exercises in my notebook…or maybe it’s enough just to use the duolingo app without writing notes from it…time will tell.

Well, let me know if this has been helpful to you. And if you have any suggestions on how to make this set up better. Do you have a language learning filofax set-up? Would love to hear about yours and how you’ve set it up!

‘Till next time,



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