Webster’s Pages Planner inserts (un-dated months)

So, I recently got the undated Webster’s pages inserts. Was excited to get it as I have seen a lot of people really enjoying their inserts and I heard that the paper quality was good and pens don’t bleed through. As I haven’t written on them yet, I can’t say anything about it, but I can believe that this could be the case, as the paper is definitely thicker than the standard Filofax inserts. 

I also really like the feeling of the paper and the font. It does look really beautiful…




As you can see, the inserts come with a month on two pages view with tabs. At the back of each month you have some space to write notes and such. And the pack also comes with a week on two pages…


So what don’t I like? I’m not so fond of the lines in the month on two pages part. I’m not sure if that is how it is on the dated inserts. Perhaps someone can let me know in the comments below. But I personally prefer the look of the blank squares on the month to view. This is not a deal breaker though.

What is however, is that the weeks on the monthly inserts stars on a Sunday, whilst the weeks on the weekly inserts start on a Monday!!! I personally prefer my weeks to start on a Monday, but that is not what bothers me the most. What bothers me is the inconsistency! Aaaahhhh!!! If the weekly inserts also started on a Sunday as well, then I could be ok with that.

I didn’t realise that I was so picky until I saw this. It just didn’t sit right with me at all, and I know it will bother me if I start using it. Which is a shame because they are the most beautiful inserts I own currently :/. (sigh)

So I’m going to keep them for the meantime and see if next years’ inserts are the same. As it is undated I can start using them at any time, and perhaps I get over it in time (lol). I will have to do some research into whether all the WP inserts have this format or if it is just the undated version. If you have any information on this, please do let me know! 

I hope this has been a helpful post to anyone who is thinking about getting these inserts. 

‘Till next time,



8 thoughts on “Webster’s Pages Planner inserts (un-dated months)

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  1. Like your blog. I fully understand your need to start the week on Monday. I’m very particular when it comes to my planner – planner OCD.
    My planning process includes a Sunday wrap up of the past week followed by a look forward to the coming week.
    That said my heavy lifting planning is done a week at a time so the format of the weekly sheets are more important to me. I especially like the fact the the weekly sheets have full size Saturday and Sunday.

    I use my monthly view more of a holding area of high level items. If the paper quality is good enough so as to not bleed through to the other side, I’d probably write over the day names starting the week with a Monday. In fact, since it is an undated page perhaps Websters could simply remove the day and let the buyer write it in like they do with the date.


    1. Write over the days!!! What didn’t I think of that?! Solves everything really, thank you!!! :). And thank you for commenting. I didn’t think I had Planner OCD, but this case proved to me otherwise hahaha :D. I have a similar planning system to yours it seems. I also like to use Sunday’s to see what I didn’t do the previous week, and plan for the coming week as well. Move things forward if necessary, etc. I’m glad you like my blog and hope to keep posting things of interest :).


  2. The 2015 dated insert is the same except for the back of the month on two pages which has a list with the days from 1 to 31 already printed and no notes at the bottom… It also has the next and the previous months printed in the blank spaces at the bottom of the mo2p…


  3. I honestly don’t understand why companies do this. Either both your monthlies and weeklies start on a Monday, or they both start on a Sunday. Anything else is just silly.


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