Last week and a half in the pocket!

Yesterday was the last day of my pocket challenge. Nothing changed so much from the 3rd week’s update. I did start using highlighter page flags more which I found helped with forward planning and making things stand out. Because the space is limited, having to cancel an appointment by scratching it out was very annoying. I had lost that space in which I could have written something else down! The page flags help with that. If the appointment gets cancelled or moved, I throw it away or move it to the appropriate date respectively. 

Whilst I was looking forward to moving into a personal size, I found myself a little bit sad to say goodbye to my Chocolate Aston. It’s just so lovely and I really bonded with it, even more than with the pocket Malden! (gasp!). I think this is because I found a way to make the pocket work in the Aston. Perhaps I will love the Malden just as much if I used it with the same set up. Maybe I’ll try it later on…

SO, what have I learned or will keep from this challenge?

  • I am most definitely a personal size gal at heart!
  • Bright colours/ colour coding helps! My handwriting is not so great (especially since I’m usually writing in a rush), so having a way to find things quickly by colour is really helpful. Not everything has to be colour coded, but I like that colour can highlight something that is important.
  • A-Z tabs for filing of notes or lists = awesome!!! 
  • Having a see through divider tab in-between the weeks was life changing! This is what made the pocket work for me in the end. The thing is that in the end, even the week on two pages on a personal size on some weeks are too small for me. The use of sticky notes as an extra jotting place is needed!
  • Believe it or not, I will keep on carrying around the filofax info sheets. Just yesterday it came in handy when someone got a missed phone call and didn’t recognise the country code! 😀 Ok, perhaps I won’t keep all of them, but just a few of the ones I think will come in handy.
  • I found out what I really needed, and I’m more willing to be flexible with my planner and its sections. I realise that some weeks I will need a project section and others not. Or I may need a day per page section for some time, and then not, and that’s OK! 🙂 Nothing is set in stone.

If I can think of anything more I’ll add it, but for now this is it! Thank you for following me on this challenge. I hope my documenting this all has helped you in some way 🙂

‘Till next time,



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