COMPARISON: Malden vs Holborn (personal size)

Welcome to the beginning of a hopefully long series of comparisons that I will do between all the planners that I own. When I was first getting into planners and filofaxes, I loved watching and reading the reviews of different planners. But what I liked most was when people compared the model to another planner model. I haven’t seen much comparison videos or blog posts out there so I thought that since my collection has grown, I would do some comparisons of my own!

I don’t intend these comparisons to be reviews in anyway. What I mean is that my intention is just to show the similarities and differences. And not to add in my own personal opinions about the binder itself. That will be left for the individual reviews of the planners when I get round to doing them. (I hope that made sense :p)

What I plan to do is review all the personal sized planners I have to both the Malden and the Holborn. This is because I think these two models are widely well known and loved. I would have added the Finsbury to the list but I don’t have a personal sized one (if anyone has one that they would like to donate to the cause, feel free to do so 😉 lol ). I will also do some comparisons of my A5’s and pockets sizes at some point as well. 

And since I will be comparing all the planners to the Malden and Holborn, I thought it fitting to start this series by comparing them to each other! So, here you go: my very first youtube video. Be kind!!! And of course, if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make the videos and comparisons better, let me know in the comments :)… I’ve just had an idea to maybe make a comparison chart as well…will add that to this post at a later date. Oh, and excuse the poor state of my nails :D.

‘Till next time


*Edit to add the chart!

Malden Holborn
Rings 23mm 23mm
Leather Soft full grain buffalo leather Full grain natural finish buffalo leather
Dimensions Height: 192mm

Width: 150mm

Depth: 50mm

Height: 190mm

Width: 155mm

Depth: 38mm

Left 4 credit card pockets

1 zipped pocket

2 full length slip pocket (one deeper than the other)

6 credit card pockets

1 deeper pocket

2 full length slip pockets

Right 1 deep horizontal pocket (notepad pocket)

1 full length pocket

2 full length pockets

1 vertical zipped pocket

Pen loops 1 full leather pen loop 1 half leather, half elastic pen loop
Flexibility No cardboard backing Cardboard backing
Back “wallet” pocket None None
Credit card slots Vertical Horizontal
Other Currently available in the colours Ochre and purple Currently available in the colours Black and Brown

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