The Pocket Collection – part 2


So as the title suggests this is part 2 of a post in which I am sharing my pocket Filofax collection. If you haven’t already, read part 1 where I give/ show an overview of all the pocket’s I have/ have had. Some are not with me anymore as I sold or swapped them for other planners. Here I will do some comparisons between some of the binders and some observations on the usage of the binders.

left to right: chameleon, malden, holborn
top to bottom: chameleon, holborn, malden



Above you will see Chameleon, Holborn, and Malden pocket FF’s. These planners I grouped together because they have the full length back pocket. Useful if you are planning to use your planner as a wallet as well. An A5 sized paper could also fit inside that back pocket but with some over hang. A6 size paper will fit easily. They all have a zip pocket but the zip pocket of the Holborn is hidden inside the pocket of the right hand side. The Malden has the bigger rings than the other two. Underneath are pictures of the same amount of inserts put in the Malden and Chameleon. In the last picture you will see how many pages need to be taken out before you can see where the rings meet. 

WP_20150301_008 WP_20150301_009

WP_20150301_011 WP_20150301_010WP_20150301_013


Next, I want to talk about “stuffability”. It seems that the general thought is that if the leather is flexible, then you can stuff it more. I had always questioned this because I thought if the rings are the same, then it should fit the same amount of inserts no matter what the leather type is. In any case, I took it as the truth and carried on with my life ;). However, when I came to do the “stuffability” comparison, I was…surprised to see that I had been right. Below is the pocket Charleston which has a rather stiff cover. I put in the same amount of inserts as the Malden and Chameleon. You will see that about the same amount of inserts need to be removed before you see where the rings meet, compared to the Chameleon. Below I also tried to show that they have the same ring size. 

WP_20150301_014 WP_20150301_015

WP_20150301_016 WP_20150301_017


Another pocket Filofax that has big rings is the Aston, which I also tried to show in the picture below.

top to bottom: malden, aston


I was able to snap the Charleston shut, although it did put strain on the snap and strap so I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this. Added to the fact that you are also putting pressure on the rings! Underneath I try to show the flexibility of the covers. As you can see, Chameleon bends and as much as I try, the Charleston will not bend at all.

WP_20150301_025 WP_20150301_024


The Belgravia (pictured below) is the only binder that has a gusseted pocket of sorts. There is an elastic fabric that is added so that the pocket can be reached into more easily. 



So there you have it. A brief overview and comparison of the pocket Filofaxes I have. I hope this gives you an idea of what the binders are like if you are interested in purchasing any for yourself. I was going to write about the things I like and dislike in terms of functionality about each Filofax, but I think I will leave that to the individual reviews that I will make of them. If there are any binders in particular you would like me to do a more detailed comparison on, let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

‘Till next time,



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