REVIEW: Personal Buckingham

I had been eyeing this filofax for a while and when trying to do some research on it, I couldn’t find any reviews! So I went to the Philofaxy facebook page and asked. Someone had the exact same one I was looking to get, a blue buckingham. It was gorgeous!!! And when she said, it was like the Originals but with pockets, I was sold! 😀 Layout: WP_20150405_013 WP_20150405_014 WP_20150405_016 The inside layout reminds me of the Piccadilly personal filofax, with the horizontal card slots on the left and zip pocket on the right. The difference between those two are that the Piccadilly has about 8 card slots running the full length of the inside cover. This one has 6 card slots. The one at the bottom is not a deeper pocket although it appears that way. It has the exact same depth as the other card slots about it, so you’re credit cards won’t get lost in that pocket ;). Behind the credit card slots is another full length pocket. WP_20150405_017 WP_20150405_026 WP_20150405_018 As already mentioned, the left side has a zip pocket, and also has a full leather pen loop (so you won’t be fitting any coletto’s in there!). There is also a leather flap over the zipper pull which will keep your inserts protected from it. Very thoughtful design in my opinion. The back is plain, no pockets or anything there.The rings size looks like standard size. No 30mm rings here.  Observations: Anyone who is familiar with the Original line of Filofaxes can see that it really is similar to the Original, in that it looks like just one piece of leather, with another one added on top for the pockets (I shall make a comparison post with side by side pictures later on). The pockets are not gusseted but I don’t find the pockets to be tight. You can still reach in and grab things easily enough. The strap is similar in design to the Piccadilly, Portland, and other “older” Filofaxes that I’ve seen online. It is long enough that you can try to “stuff it” and it should still be able to close.  At the moment, it doesn’t lay flat on its own. However, I think over time and with more use, it will. I have some originals that when I bought them brand new, it lay flat right away, and others will need some time and training to lay flat. I hope this has been informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below :). “Till next time P.


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