Gillio Meet-up 2016

On the second weekend of March I went to the Gillio meet up. I arrived in Brussels on Friday late afternoon for the Pre-meet up dinner, and met some old and new faces. The whole weekend was just so much fun! I'm so happy and grateful to have been able to be there. And the generosity... Continue Reading →

2016 Planner Overview – video

So I've finally edited and published this video which I recorded towards the end of last year. Nothing has changed, so I decided to still post it and share with you all. Better late than never, right?!  At the beginning it's a bit blurry, but then I realise and adjust the focus better. Hope you... Continue Reading →

Pocket Mulberrys

Last week was a lucky week. I had my eyes set on two Mulberry pocketbooks and I sent enquiries to the sellers. Long story short, one of them decided to give theirs to me for free. Yes FREE!!!! Only because she looked at my website and saw that I was a jazz musician. HOW COOL... Continue Reading →

Quick post: awesome finds!

So these two beauties came into my life today :). The yellow original I bought online from someone. It's preloved and came quite dirty. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to clean it up, but a damp cloth was all I needed to make it new again. Love the Originals for that reason alone!... Continue Reading →

Last week and a half in the pocket!

Yesterday was the last day of my pocket challenge. Nothing changed so much from the 3rd week's update. I did start using highlighter page flags more which I found helped with forward planning and making things stand out. Because the space is limited, having to cancel an appointment by scratching it out was very annoying.... Continue Reading →

Week 3 in the pocket

This past week was the first week that I was in the Aston pocket size Filofax. I had thought that the pen loop and strap being there would get in the way and quickly become annoying. However, this hasn't seemed to be the case! Getting money and coins in and out of that pocket has... Continue Reading →

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