Gillio Meet-up 2016

On the second weekend of March I went to the Gillio meet up. I arrived in Brussels on Friday late afternoon for the Pre-meet up dinner, and met some old and new faces. The whole weekend was just so much fun! I’m so happy and grateful to have been able to be there. And the generosity of the Gillio team – Amazing!!! I will let the pictures do the talking :). Pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the best quality :p 

This first lot of pictures were taken on the Friday night of the pre-meet up dinner. Just a bunch of plannerds getting to know each other and sharing our love of planners and Gillios 🙂


Saturday came around and we all headed out to find some breakfast and then head to the Gillio Boutique for the event which started around 14:00. I had asked for some things to be brought to the store as I was curious about how real ostrich leather planners felt, the pocket agenda’s (one of which I ended up buying), and the Saffiano leather planners (almost got those as well )

Lots of people came, the Boutique was full to the brim, and were we all curious what was behind the brown paper…

I found some other treasures in the store, and Steve showed us something of his.


The three products were revealed:

After everyone had finished feeling and buying everything. We headed off to the restaurant to have dinner.


We also received goodie bags from Gillio. Inside was a gift voucher to use in the store, a gillio key ring, the goodie bag itself (made of cotton with the quote “my other bag is a Gillio” which was especially made for this event, and a yellow epoca small giramondo!  After this we went all went our separate ways. What a day! :). I plan on making a video of what I bought and show the products of the goodie bag. But until then you will have to be patient 😉

So I will leave you with a video I made of the reveal in the boutique. Again, it is not of the highest quality because it was done from my phone, and the sound for some reason stopped working. Also, the video of the yellow epoca reveal got corrupted :(. So I am not able to show that one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ‘Till next time 🙂



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