Gillio pocket agenda (with video review)

Hi all! I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Today I want to share with you one of things that I brought home with me from the Gillio Meet up this year. I made a little video, but before we get to that, I want to give you a little insight of the reasons behind the purchase. 🙂

Before going to the meet up this month, I had been very curious about the Pocket Agenda (PA) by Gillio Firenze. I had seem some members of the Gillio Firenze FB group using their PA’s and sharing beautiful picture of theirs. At the same time, I have been curious about other colours and prints of leather from Gillio, and the pocket agenda became more appealing as it would be a cheaper way of trying out other Gillio leathers (the PA is the cheapest in their range of planners). So I asked the Gillio team if they could bring an orange and green one to the boutique in Brussels for me to have a look. 

Green and Orange Epoca Pocket Agendas

Now, the advantage of living in Holland is that I can, and have been, able to view Gillio products in real life, before purchasing. Until that moment, the orange and green planners I had seen hadn’t appealed to me. I had started thinking that perhaps the beautiful green and orange planners that I was lusting over where products of old batches, and that perhaps it was better to buy pre-loved if I wanted one for myself. But these two are the first green and orange Epoca leathers I’ve seen in real life that I fell in love with. It was really hard to choose one! But I did choose and came home with the orange PA.

I’m determined to use the PA regularly and make it work. I need to start working on that patina! 😀 I am currently using a Medium Compagna as my EDC (more on that later), so I can’t use it as a planner. So I’ve decided to turn it into a wallet. As to not waste the planner insert portion, I have some ideas to use it as either a food/ fitness journal, or expense tracker. Come to think of it, having a finance planner with my wallet would make more sense. On that note, according to Gillio, it can also fit chequebooks. As I don’t use them, that doesn’t really matter to me, but it may matter to some of you.

In the process of trying to figure out how to use it, and turn it into a wallet (there are no zip pockets on the PA), I realised that the proportions of the PA are similar to a sheet of personal sized inserts. So I fiddled around and managed to turn my PA into a personal sized traveler’s notebook! I’ve also found out that you could fit a Hobonichi Weeks in it as well. You would just have to trim the back cover to be able to slip it in the pocket, but otherwise, the paper size fits! So cool!!!! 😀

I’m super excited about this, and curious to see if this works out well for me. Because if it does, then I will definitely get the green one as well. And because they are on the cheaper end of the scale of products available, I could even start collecting them in different colours, and badger Gillio to make them available in more colours and prints! 😀

So here is a video I made, giving you a tour around the Gillio PA and how I “hacked” it ;). I’ve been having some bad luck lately with my video editor and my beautifully edited video got cut off at the end during the processing session. 😦 Since I don’t have much free time these days, I decided to push through with publishing it anyway. I tried to piece things together with the Youtube editor, but I’m not so familiar with that program. Hope you are able to enjoy the video anyway. 

‘Till next time,



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