Quick post: 5 Reasons to get the Gillio Pocket Agenda

I’m a recent owner of a pocket agenda by Gillio and I’m really starting to love mine. However, it seems this style of planner is not so popular (even though Louis Vuitton also makes their own version). In thinking about this, I came up with 5 reasons why I like, or why one should get, the Gillio pocket agenda.

1.It’s cheap…ish

Planners from Gillio Firenze are of a great quality. The leather is AMAZING (it’s literally award winning – no lie), but you certainly pay for it! (and rightly so). If you are wanting to have the Gillio experience, but can’t afford the price tag of a full personal sized planner with all the bells and whistles, and rings, then the Pocket Agenda is for you. Currently priced at €114 with VAT (€94 without – lucky non-EU buyers) the pocket agenda is for the Gillionista on a budget, and the inserts are very close in size to personal sized inserts [see video]. Granted, it’s still relatively pricey, but it is the cheapest planner in their range at the moment.

2. You can use it in 4 ways!

That’s right! You can use it as it was intended – with the planner and address inserts, and your credit/business cards in the card slots. You can also use it as just a wallet as it has 5 credit card slots, and it’s the right size to slip in your chequebook. However, if you put your DIY hat on, you can also turn it into a personal sized traveler’s notebook (again, see video), or a Hobonichi Weeks cover! With the Hobonichi Weeks you will have to trim the back cover to slip it in the pocket agenda, but the paper size does seem to fit in the leather cover. So perhaps that price tag doesn’t seem so bad once you consider how many ways you can use it ;).

3. It’s compact.

It’s even more compact that a compact size ringed planner. So for those with smaller handbags, trying to save space in your handbag, or just trying to lighten your load, the pocket agenda is something worth considering.

4. More credit card pockets.

So perhaps you’ve decided to get a pocket agenda, price is not an issue, but you are still doubting about getting a Gillio. After all, the Louis Vuitton ones are more accessible as you can walk into their many stores around the world and get one. The advantage (in my opinion) is that the Gillio pocket agenda has more credit card slots than the Louis Vuitton. In fact, with 5 credit/ business card slots, it has more credit card pockets than some pocket sized ringed planners. 

5. Uuuuuh, it’s a Gillio!

‘Nuf said 😉 lol

As you can see, I really like my Gillio pocket agenda. For me, the only way it could be improved was if they added a gusseted zipped pocket somewhere. If I have convinced you that you “need” one of these in your life, you can go visit their webshop here, and have a look at their different leather options. No, I am not affiliated with Gillio and I don’t get paid to review this. Just sharing the Gillio love 😉

On that note, I would love to know what you think? Do you have a pocket agenda, Gillio or LV? How do you use it? If you don’t have one currently, are you thinking of getting one? Leave a comment down below 🙂





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