Leuchtturm1917 monthly planner

First of all, wow! It’s been 9 months since I last wrote a post. Not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, but because until now, I really haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and put together a blog post. But more on that later, this post is about the planner that I got from PlannerCon Europe. It was one of the swag that we got for attending the event. A separate post will be coming on that.

I must admit, when I first got this planner, I wasn’t really excited about it. It’s bigger than an A5, it has months and notepaper, and it’s a bound book. If you know me a little bit, you will know that I’m a fan of rings, and the biggest planner size I can handle is personal size as an everyday carry. Since bullet journalling has been on my mind lately (also more on that later), I thought well, perhaps I can trial it out in this planner. But as I took a closer look, I saw other possibilities. I am now thinking that this will make a really great goals and projects planner (If you only want to see how I want to use it, go ahead and scroll down to the end of the post).

Ok, let’s talk about it’s size.

As you can see, it’s roughly about the same size as a regular size ipad with its cover on. The ipad in the picture is an ipad3. I don’t know what the size is of the ipad pro, but I can imagine that it could be similar? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 


It’s smaller than an A4 sheet,but bigger than an A5. I haven’t measured personally, but Leuchtturm1917 states the dimensions as 178 x 254 mm. 



First page where you can put your name and contact details in case it gets lost.

A year at a glance pages from 2017 until 2019.

Vertical monthly view, with 3 months on one page. Starts from July 2017 and goes all the way to June 2019. This would be great for forward planning:

Next comes the international holidays for 2018 until February of 2019. After than they have pages that they call the Project Plan. It starts from July 2017 and goes until June 2019. After this comes the month on two pages view, which starts from November 2017 and goes until February of 2019. I love how much space there is to write inside the boxes. You may notice at the bottom right corner of the dated boxes, there is a vertical line that makes a divide. Leuchtturm says you can use that to link your planner with your notes. So for example you have on your monthly planner that you had a meeting November 1 where you took notes. In that corner you can right the page number where your notes are so that you can easily find them in future. Brilliant! 

Another way to easily find your notes is to use the index/ table of contents pages that they provide for you right after the monthly view. Then comes the lined pages which are all numbered. The book comes with two book marks as well. The last 5 pages of the of book are perforated for easy detachment if you wanted:

At the end of the book is an expandable pocket where you can slip in loose pieces of paper. In there they provide stickers for labeling the title and spine of your book when you want to archive it. Love it! 

What a well thought out planner! The only thing that I don’t like (and it’s a pet peeve of mine) is that all the calendars provided don’t start or end on the same date. What I mean is, I wish that since the Project Plan and the vertical monthly pages starts from July 2017 and ends June 2019, I wish that the month on two pages also ran from July 2017 to June 2019. Of course that would mean that more notes pages would be needed, but that would be fine for me since I don’t plan on carrying this everywhere with me…

Which brings me to how I plan on using this planner. I already mentioned that I think this would make a great goals and projects planner. Specifically, I’m talking about long term projects and goals. Things that I want to keep track of for more than one year, big picture things. I’m limiting it to three categories: Health, Career, and Finance. Please note that these are tentative plans, and things could change around if I see it doesn’t work. 

The year at a glance pages: I would like to use to track my monthly cycle (ladies you know what I’m talking about).

Vertical monthly pages: I’m thinking of using it to plan/track musical projects. I want to increase the number of days in a year that I am working on a musical project or earning an income from music. With this view I can see my career progress, which are the busier months, and the not so busy months.  There is enough space in the line to write what it is I would be working on. There is no need for detail on these pages.

Project Plan pages: These are perfect tracking pages. It even has the sundays shaded and the week numbers in the background to easily identify the weeks. There are 5 lines, so you can track up to 5 things. The things I want to track are my headaches/migraines, days I do some form of exercise, no spend days, the days I work on music (this is anything from concerts and teaching, to practicing or learning. I want to be consistently working on my craft). I was thinking to put my monthly flow tracker here to see if it had any correlation with my headaches, but I also want to keep one line open for anything else that pops up. We’ll see what happens. 

Month on 2 pages: More detail on what is shown on the tracking pages. For example, if on the tracking page it says I had a headache, on the MO2P it will say what kind of headache it was (migraine or tension headache). Fitness planning, water tracking, what task I plan to do towards a particular project, pay days. In the week boxes on the far right of the page, I will keep track of my different accounts (current and savings) and investments (something that I want to start trying), and weight.

Notes pages: Goal setting (annual, biannual, quarterly, etc), Budgeting (I may do that in my wallet actually), Savings and Investment plans, Career plans and goals, Project planning, Meal plans or recipes, Fitness plans, etc. Basically this is the section where I flesh out ideas and plans that pertain to my long term goals and projects. 

So, that’s it! That is how I think I want to use this planner. How would you use this planner if you had one? Do you have another way you plan your projects and goals. I would like to hear about it :).

Until next time,



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