Planner plans for 2017

So what have I decided to use in 2017? Let’s dive right in.

First up, the planners that I’m quite sure about:

Personal Size – Main calendar, monthly and weekly planning pages. Here I will have an overview of both work and personal appointments. And once I’ve read the whole GTD book, I hope to be able to incorporate it into the personal size. Or I’ll divide different sections to different planners, time will tell. 

Pocket agenda – Finance planner and wallet. In one of my previous posts, I shared how I cut a hobonichi weeks to reduce the overall size to fit into a pocket agenda by either Gillio Firenze or Van der Spek. I’m really liking this size as a wallet. To be honest, I still do miss the pocket size as a planner as well. Plus I got a really nice wallet for Christmas which is big enough to slip the hobonichi weeks into. So what might happen is that the “wallet” form may change, but the hobonichi weeks insert will remain to track and stay on top of my finances.

Hobonichi Avec – (Art) Journal. I’m going to try journalling this year, and I’ve promised myself not to be so anal about missing days. So when I feel like writing, I will write. And on the pages that are blank, I will attempt some drawing, lettering, whatever strikes my creative fancy :D. The current Avec is in the dark blue hobonichi cover with the print cover on cover. The second half of the Avec is in the fabric cover on the bottom left hand side of the picture.

A6 notebook – music/lyric composition book. Actually, I have a Moleskine music notation book, but I found that I was too scared to mess it up. So the plan is that in this A6 notebook (housed in a yellow hobonichi type cover), I can roughly work on compositions. Once I feel like the song is ready or finished, I will transfer it to the Moleskine book.

Regular size fauxdori – Bedside braindump notebook. I like to read and watch videos in bed, and it’s nice to have a notebook nearby to write down notes, ideas, whatever really that pops up, without having to get out of bed to find the appropriate notebook. This stays at home because I have found the size to big to carry around as a daily braindump book. 

Next are the planners that I’m not sure about, or will soon stop being necessary:

A5 Charleston + Pedori – Language notes: Still have revision notes in there which I need to update :p. The Pedori I take to my lessons to make notes in. However, since the course ends at the end of this month, I won’t be using these for much longer. 

Clipbook – Tickler file. I’m attempting to set this up so that I can have a good place for all those papers or letters that don’t have a place. I have tried to set this kind of system up in an A5 Finsbury, but I found that I didn’t reach for it because it was too big, and my desk is quite small. So I’m going to try it in a Clipbook as that doesn’t take as much space. If that doesn’t work, then I will try the system in a personal size or an A6 size binder.

Pocket planner – job 1 planner. My work situation has been changing a lot, but it will soon settle down to 2 main jobs. I had tried to use an A6 planner for job1 but it ended up being too big, took up too much space on the work table, and wasn’t portable enough. So I reduced it down to a pocket size. I have monthly and weekly inserts which makes me tempted to use it a satellite planner as well. When I carry this one, I end up usually not carrying my personal planner. 

A6 planner – reference binder. Since the paper size is perfect for me in terms of easiness to make and print out inserts, I thought it would be a good idea to turn my A6 ring planners into reference planners. I can now easily type out all sorts of information, or print it from the internet, and file it away. A part of me feels like probably A5 would be better for this, because then the words would probably be bigger and easier to read. However, I am not ready to let go of my A6 planners, and I want them to be used. So I will try this for now and see how it goes. 🙂

A5 2-ring binder – job 2 planner: I don’t have a picture of this as I just set this up this week. I have some paper work that I need to carry around for that job, so I thought I would try it out on a regular A5 binder. Perhaps if the size works for me, and I don’t find a use for my A5 Charleston, I will move it into that. Or I move the tickler file into the Charleston, and the job 2 planner into the Clipbook. Again, time will tell.

So that’s it. My planner plans for 2017.  




4 thoughts on “Planner plans for 2017

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  1. That is a lovely collection! Your flexible approach to journaling (writing when you feel like it) sounds perfect, too. Enjoyable, and not a ‘must.’ : )



    1. Thanks. Although, I’m already struggling with the fact that there are some blank pages :p lol. I know it’s something I need to deal with myself, and not necessarily the fault of the planner. Let’s see if. Can “get over myself” 😀 lol.


  2. I admire those who can use multiple books successfully! I tried and it just doesn’t work for me. You do have a beautiful collection though. They are all very aesthetically pleasing and we all know the power of a “beautiful” planner! Happy 2017 ☺


    1. Thank you :). Yes, they are beautiful which is why I want to use all of them lol :D. But in reality I only use 2 as a proper scheduling planner. The personal size one for almost everything, and the pocket size for work. The rest are more “notebook”/ project “planners”. Happy 2017 to you too! 🙂


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