One book July 2019

I just saw that my last post was somewhere in 2017, sometime after the first plannercon Europe. Well a lot of things have happened since then. Life in essence – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am at a resting period now so I hope to be able to catch up/ get into the routine of blogging again.

But enough about that. This blog is about the one book July challenge. Actually I wasn’t planning on participating this year. I had made plans of my own, but I ended up watching one of the introduction videos and realised that actually my plan was exactly what the challenge is about this year. Bullet journaling!

I have tried it once in the past (about a year ago) and failed completely! But at plannercon Europe 2019 we got the book by Ryder Carroll (also planned on reading it this summer) and decided to give it another go. So now I can do it with the planner community which will be so much more fun :).

So here is the plan. I will use the leuchttrum that I got from PCE2017. I will also finally use my pilot capless fountain pen which I bought in 2016 and never used! Will also be using up sticker samples and washi gathered over the years. You see the theme here? I just want to start using up my supplies but also keep it simple by not having too many pen choices!

I’m limiting myself to these writing tools: a fountain pen, a pencil, eraser, highlighter, and a marker of some sort (to write on washi paper)

The stickers and decorative stuff I will use will be in this hobonichi cloth envelope. Finally have a use for it!

Pictured above are the stickers and stuff I will try to use up. Yes, it’s a lot and not even all of what I own. Some are from the recent plannercon but some I’ve owned for about 5 years!!!

I think what didn’t work last time was that I was making it too complicated for myself. It was a new book and I wanted to make it all artsy and beautiful. I didn’t want to “ruin” it. But I’ve used this book this year to scribble all sorts of notes in, so I’m no longer afraid to just use it and make mistakes. Here is my set up so far:

As you can see, I made a 2019 year at a glance, a monthly spread with a habit tracker, and a to-do/goals/projects list for this month. Quite simple, nothing fancy.

Other than trying to use up what I have, the primary reason I’m doing this is that I would like to get into the habit of writing daily pages. I’m good at setting the week up on weekly pages, but would like to gain the habit of writing everything down as it comes to my head. This I don’t really do in my ring planners. I looking forward to learning more as I read the book and watch others journey. Are you participating this year? Let me know so I can follow you! 🙂

‘Till next time,



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