A5 Metropol Filofax

When I was first researching into Filofaxes, I decided that I wanted not only a personal size but also an A5 that I would use for school. I didn’t want to spend too much money on it, not knowing if it would work for me or not so I decided to look at the non leather options. The one that caught my interest the most was the Metropol line, especially in red.

There are so many pictures and videos out there with people who were pleased with their a5 Metropol and the red colour just looked gorgeous, so I took the plunge and purchased one. The only reservations I had was about whether the pockets would be too tight. I had heard some complaints about that. But some other reviewers were not bothered by it.

It arrived and I was very pleased. The colour was all I hoped it would be. A lovely shade of red. A true red :). And although it is not made from leather, the binder did not feel or look cheap. In fact I loved the feel of it. It was super smooth and a bit squishy! And it had two pen loops.

Inserts it came with:

Usual Filofax info sheets
Mid 2014 – end of 2015 vertical calendar
1-6 numbered dividers
Lined (white and coloured), grid, plain paper
Lined paper note pad in the back

So I set her up with sections for each of my classes. My plan was to use this to document my lessons and my practice and rehearsal sessions. So that I could keep track of any improvements or problems with my singing. I had a separate book for my research but in the end I also added a research section into the binder. If I was going to carry around this big binder, it seemed silly to carry an additional notebook. Especially since I had plenty of space, with the generous ring size, to have that extra section.

Now comes to the cons: the pockets where too tight! :(. I didn’t use them that much, but I think I would have if they weren’t so tight. It was always annoying to get papers in and out of the pocket. I guess a good thing about this is that you know that your papers will be secure in the binder. Another thing is that although it has two pen loops, they are not elasticized. This means that I couldn’t fit my 6 ink + pencil colleto style pen in the loops. This is not a major con, but I thought I should mention it.

Now, I’ve been talking about the Metropol in the past tense. So as you may have guessed, I no longer have it. This is because I was interested in getting a Charleston in a5 size as well and managed to get one in the red colour. At around the same time, I thought it would be nice to get an organiser for my dad. When I was much younger, I would always buy him a new agenda (a bound one) for Christmas that he would use for the following year. I don’t think he’s ever owned a ringed agenda, and this way, all I have to do is send him inserts each year. So I set it up and sent it to him. Hopefully he has received it and will use it well.

Before I sent it off, I managed to take a few photographs of it, in comparison with the Charleston. Excuse the poor quality of photos. It was dark and I was taking the pics with my ipad. In one of the pictures, I was trying to show how long the strap of the Metropol was, but I had to put something on it to hold it down so that I could photograph it (which of course blocks the full length). Taking photographs one handed with the ipad is tricky to say the least :p.

‘Till next year!






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