The Egyptian Series – Wilbur Smith

Quick disclaimer before I begin: I am not in anyway sponsored or associated with the author or publishing house of this book. I have not been paid to review this, nor did I get this book for free for reviewing purposes. The opinions stated here are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone else.

Okay, now that’s out of the way: Quite some years back (more than 6 at least) my dad came back from one of his travels and had bought me a book. The book was called “The Quest” by Wilbur Smith. Here is the synopsis I copied from his website:

the quest cover

The eagerly awaited sequel to the thrilling Egyptian series. Following on from River God, The Seventh Scroll andWarlock, The Quest continues the story of the Warlock, Taita, wise in the lore of the ancient gods and a master of magic and the supernatural.

Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple the kingdom, and then the ultimate disaster follows. The Nile fails. The waters that nourish and sustain the land dry up.

Something catastrophic is taking place in the distant and totally unexplored depths of Africa, from where the mighty river springs. In desperation the Pharoah sends for Taita, the only man who might be able to win through to the source of the Nile and discover the cause of all their woes.

None of them can have any idea of what a terrible enemy lies in ambush for the Warlock in those mysterious lands at the end of their world…

So I read it, and was instantly hooked! He really transports you into this other world and you grow to love and empathise with the characters. I was in living in Ghana at the time and would read the books between classes. Some of my friends got a hold of it and asked if they could read it after I was finished with it. Before I knew it, the whole performing arts department had read the book and the book was looking very worn out the last time I saw it. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep track of who had it and I’m not sure where my copy of that book is! 

After some time, I forgot about the book and came to Europe. I then remembered that I had wanted to find and read all the books of the series, but I had forgotten the title and the author’s name!!! I asked my dad and my friends if they remembered but alas, they did not! 

Thus began the approximately six year long google search. All I remembered was what my dad had told me about the author. That he was either white southern african, or a british raised in southern africa. So I googled searched every once in a while and one day one of my google searches proved fruitful! YAY!!!!

I quickly downloaded all his books and have read them all rather quickly, but not in the correct order. What I would like to do now is take my time to read them in order. So these are the books of his Egyptian series:

River God

The Seventh Scroll


The Quest

Have you heard of this author? Have you read this book or any of his other books? Would love to hear back from others about how they found his story telling.



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