Gillio Firenze Wishlist

Medium Amica Medium Compagna in cream (custom made) Pocket Mia Cara Giramondo

Oops, I did it again! :)

That's right. I ordered 2 more Filofaxes. This time from Filofax Italy. After having got assurance from someone in Italy that they are legit, I wanted to double check to make sure it was all above board. So I called them yesterday and spoke with a lovely lady. I told her about the security problem... Continue Reading →

Guess what I did yesterday?

Soooo, I was pretty much stalking the Filofax Facebook sales pages yesterday (okay, I've been stalking them for a couple of days now) and I wasn't having any luck finding someone selling the types of Filofaxes I wanted within the EU and at an affordable price. So I decided to scroll all the way down... Continue Reading →

Current Filofax Collection

So I am finally over the worst part of my cold/flu and managed to take some pictures of my Filofaxes!!! 🙂 It is not extensive...yet! 😉 But here's what I have so far: A5 Metropol in red A5 Clipbook in white Personal Malden in purple Compact Calypso in Teal Compact Pennybridge in blue Here come... Continue Reading →

Upcoming posts…

I am typing this quick post as I lay in bed because I've come down hard with a cold/flu which has made me completely useless! Which is why I haven't been able to put up the posts that I had originally planned. But I don't want to be completely silent, so I'll list just a... Continue Reading →

And I’m LIVE!!!

I'm very happy (and nervous) to be starting a blog of my own. I've never had the talent for journaling and such, but have always felt the need to somehow document and share the things that I care about. So here I am!!! This is also an attempt of mine to make time for the... Continue Reading →

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