B6 notebook/planner comparison

At PlannerCon EU we got a free B6+ notebook from Leuchttrum. I then went to their booth and saw that they had a planner in that size as well. Gillio at the same time also released their B6 Giramondo (travelers notebook style cover), so of course I ended up purchasing it. Thus began the B6 journey for me.

Although I like the layout of the leuchttrum (pics will follow), it isn’t a true B6 size. It is slightly taller and a tad narrower. So it just fits in my Gillio if I use the strings, but it can’t slip into the pockets of the cover like a proper folio if you get my meaning. With so much love for the Stalogy in the planner community, I decided to try and get my hands on one, which I did when I went on a short trip to London.

If you have seen my London haul blog post, you would have seen that I also acquired some things at the Muji store. This was totally unplanned. I spotted their B6 planners and felt like I had to have it as it also had weekly pages.

Below are picture of them all and their layouts. The Leuchttrum is a 2020 planner (although you could also begin it in November I believe), and the Muji planner begins in august 2019 (so I can use it already) and lasts basically a while academic year. This makes me feel like using it as my work planner since I hope to carry on working as a teacher. The Stalogy is undated so I can start it whenever I like. In fact, the font is so faint that you could completely ignore the layout and use it as a notebook.

Stalogy and leuchttrum:

Stalogy and Muji: the Muji notebook is exactly the same size as the Stalogy, so a true B6 size. With the cover, the Muji planner looks a little bit bigger, but once the cover is removed, you see that the planner is also a true B6 size.

Stalogy and Muji notebook

Stalogy above and Muji planner below (with cover)

Here you see that the paper size of the Muji planner is actually the same as the Stalogy

Leuchttrum and Muji notebooks: the leuchttrum has dotted grid pages and the Muji also has grid pages but the vertical lines are dotted, and the horizontal lines are plain lines.

Muji planner layout:

Month view until September 2020!

10 grid notes pages

Leuchttrum planner layout:

Stalogy planner:

I hope this has been helpful you those who are interested in the B6 size and wondering what the options are. These are definitely not the only B6 planners or notebooks you can find, but it’s a start. What do you think about these planners and the B6 size in general? Do you use the size? If yes, which notebooks or planner brands do you use? 

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  1. A great post.

    It is so frustrating when companies decide for reasons only they know to invent a size that is not ‘standard’ B6+, Personal Wide, the list is growing!

    Personal ‘Wide’ should really be B6 then inserts are easier to make for the size. And the extra height of B6+ means you can’t use it in quite a few leather covers unless you cut the covers on the notebook/planner.


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