Why I’ve been MIA

So you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been posting anything up for the past three weeks or so. This is because I had a big deadline. My master paper was due to be handed in and so basically I have been ignoring everything else in my life as this was my number one priority for the moment. I am still busy with trying to finish up school. I am glad to say that I did hand in my paper on time, but the work is not over yet. I still need to present and defend my research in less than a months time, I have a ton of gigs coming up, and of course there is my final exam to look forward to. So forgive me if the posts are not coming every week as I had intended.

However, during this period I have not been neglecting my love of FF’s and stationery. In fact my Filofax helped me to organise my thoughts and in the typing of my research paper (my to-do/project section got a workout!). I also went on a bit of a spending spree ( I blame the stress). I have bought and sold some filo’s and also managed to get my hands on Oli magnetic clips :). I have also been quite active on the various Filofax Facebook pages (all that shopping) because it helped me to relax :p. I’ve realised that I post more on those Facebook pages than on my own! hahaha. 

So what did I get since the last time? Starting with the pocket size, I got a blue Belgravia, a mushroom and brown Aston, and a grey Malden that is still on its way here. I also got a mini grey Malden coz initially I wanted it but was scared that it would be too small :p. When they both arrive, I will choose one to keep…or not! 😉

As for personal/compact size, I got a green Portland, compact yellow calipso, compact black regency, and a nude and fluoro pink Original. Now this pink one was really a surprise to me. I wasn’t expecting to like it. I am not a person to go towards very bright colours. I especially avoid neon colours, but the pictures online were just so lovely! I had to try it, and I managed to get one at a relatively good price as well. The nude FIlofax was a purchase I made in December of last year and due to the package being lost, the seller had to resend another one once he had some in stock which took a while. It was well worth the wait, as I really do like it. I will have to make a post about all my Originals soon. I have the yellow and monochrome one as well :).

For A5, I got a nude Original. The reason being that 1. it was on my wish list, and 2. I was impatient to get my personal nude one. I really like it, but I’m wondering whether to keep it or not. I feel funny having two of the same colour Filos…am I strange? Don’t answer that! 😉

What I have sold/ gotten rid of are Gold Originals in personal size (really wasn’t the colour for me), and I have recently sent my personal purple Malden to be swapped for an Orchid Aston! I’m still trying to sell my compact teal Calipso because I now have the yellow one (it’s waiting for me in the UK). So if anyone’s interested, leave me a comment! 🙂 Or perhaps I’ll make a “for sale” section on this site…

I will most likely also try to sell one of the pocket astons as well. I’m just not sure which one! I love the colour of the mushroom one, but the leather of the brown one feels so much better to me. The leather of the mushroom one feels a bit dry. And I’m afraid that if I condition it, the colour will change. Any ideas anyone? What’s more important in planner for you: colour or feel of leather?

Anyway, I hope to soon show you some of my purchases and maybe even do some reviews and comparisons. Also I want to continue to share with you my organisation journey towards getting a setup that I’m satisfied with. 

‘Till next time,



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