Finding the right planner setup: part 1- Brainstorm

As the title implies, I am on the search for a good set up this year. From browsing the web, I have been inspired and have some ideas that I want to try out for myself that I think might work.

What do I need?

1. From last years set up, I realised that I need a system which allows me to not only plan ahead, but also document what I have done. For example, sometimes I dedicate a task for a certain date, but I end up actually doing it on another date. How do I document that without waisting writing space? For me, I find that I really need this. There have been many occasions that I needed to recall exactly when I “sent that email out” or “posted that letter”. And of course this also helps in looking back to see how I managed my time (I don’t think I’m doing so well in that).

2. I need to be able to see recurring tasks (such as chores) on my weekly pages, without it taking up valuable writing space from my to-do’s and appointments.

3. It needs to be a portable and simple system. I don’t want to carry around multiple books! As a working student, my bag is heavy enough :p.

Possible solutions.

1. Use a spiraldex for documenting actual time management.

2. Use one Filofax (week on two pages) for only documenting tasks and events that have been completed. Use the same Filofax for forward planning (written on sticky notes or in the month to view pages). This Filofax would stay at home and a Midori/Fauxdori would be used as an every day carry with a running to-do list and brain dump. Information collected during the day (such as booked appointments) in the traveler’s notebook would then be transferred into the Filofax at the end of the day/week.

3. Use a pocket Filofax as a “satellite” planner on the days where I don’t want/need to carry around a personal size. It would have a monthly spread with all appointments in so that I don’t double book myself. And notepaper in case I need to take down any notes, or carry a to-do list.

4. Use Martha Stewart dew drops on the page marker for recurring tasks and chores.

5. Put a bracket over the tasks that didn’t get done on the specific day, and add the date that the task was completed next to it.

6. Try a pocket size for everything.

7. Try different personal size planner inserts

So these are my ideas so far. I have already started on some of them. I will be making posts about trailing these different options out as I do them. In the meantime, if any of you have any ideas to add, please feel free to leave a comment. 

‘Till then,



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