Update of my planner set-up (featuring my Van der Spek junior touch me)


I decided to share an update to my set up. I was planning to do this quarterly (so at the end of March), but since I’ve actually been in the pocket size since last year december, it has been 3 months now and I felt like enough had changed that I could make this post. At the end of this post is the video that I made, so if you prefer to watch a video instead of read, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this page.

Currently I’m in the junior Touch Me Van der Spek planner. I moved in to this one at the beginning of February. I had planned to switch out planner covers every month so that the other planners get used, but I’m really loving this planner and am reluctant to move out just yet. I will share my views on the planner in another post as this post will be quite long as it is. So let’s jump right in!

1. I have added my freebie month at a glance inserts at the front. Behind that I put a sticky note and write down what I want to do or accomplish in that month.

2. I’ve finally added in my vision board, word of the month and current year, 2 year and 5 year goals. I’ve also filled in the goals inserts that I had. I use these inserts to write down quarterly goals. I limit it to three goals and I’m gaining inspiration from the 12 week year. I haven’t finished reading the book yet but so far I like. Let me know below if you’ve read it.

3. I’ve moved my monthly/yearly fold out/ tracking inserts towards the back of the monthly section. They are slightly wider than my month on 2 pages inserts and I didn’t like the look and feel of the wider inserts being in front of the narrower inserts. Plus I refer to the MO2P more often than the tracking and fold out inserts so it made sense to put the MO2P in the front of that section. I’ve also gone back to colour coding in my monthly inserts.

4. I contemplated adding a daily section but instead I’ve started using sticky notes on my week tab (which actually has a today label so that works out well) to write down what I want to focus on in that day. I noticed that I was getting decision fatigue when looking at my weekly view and deciding every time what I want to do next. Even if I had decided at the beginning of the day which tasks I would do, it still felt like I was again sifting through and deciding again just by reading through my weekly to do’s. It works even better when I add the order in which I want to accomplish the tasks.

5. I added a Kanban type insert in my project section. I wanted a way to not only have an overview of the projects that I want to do but also their progress state. At the moment there is only one entry there but I will fill it in more. I’m contemplating joining my goals and project section together as I view my goals also as long term projects. Will let you know if I end up doing that in my next update.

6. I’ve added Washi tape to the zip pocket of the planner. The sticky notes are not so sticky so I need to use Washi tape to make sure that it stays on my pages or divider.

7. I’ve added a card and envelope just incase I need to write a card to someone and I like how it adds a bit of structure the planner. The Van der Spek Touch Me has no cardboard backing so the planner is quite flexible as the leather is supple. I do not mind this at all, but I wanted to add a bit more bulk to the planner without necessarily adding anything to the rings. I like the feeling in my hand. I’ve also added the following months of month at a glance printables there, ready for using if I need it. Click here if you would like to receive the March printable.

8. I’m using a fountain pen. I love fountain pens but in the past I’ve not used them so much. I just bit the bullet and decided that this was the pen I was going to carry around and use. I like that it fits in the pen loop and it has been working well for me. It’s the Pilot Capless pen and I’m using the proprietary ink. I’m quite satisfied with the ink as it doesn’t smudge when I use my mildliners.

9. I’ve also rounded the corners of my dividers. They were getting beaten up with daily use and it was looking very messy. The rounded corners make the dividers look neat again and they are not so easily messed up any more.

10. Last but not least I’ve added a removable tab to my monthly expenses page. I refer to that page regularly and so it just makes it easier if it has it’s own removable sticky tab that I can use to quickly access that page. I can also reuse it by moving it to the next month when the time comes.

So those were the updates / little tweaks that I made to my planner set up. Some small, some big, but all of them making my life just that little bit easier. How are things looking in your planner(s)? Have you changed your set up since January or is it the same? Or have you moved to a completely different type of planner or planner system? Sometimes sticking to a system is what is needed for it to work, but sometimes there are moments when one has to admit when something is not working. No need to feel like a failure. Figure out what the problem is, and be flexible enough to adjust or change when necessary. #lifelessons! Lol

‘Till next time,



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