Finance planner plans for 2017

In my last post, I had mentioned I would soon share my plans concerning what I would be using as a wallet. I had wanted to make a video about it to better explain (and I might still do that), but I got sick with the flu. So I’ve taken some pictures instead and will try to explain the best I can, what I plan on doing. 

From my Taiwan haul post, you can see that I have really delved into the Hobonichi world recently. Before the trip, I had watched some videos (not many out there by the way), and it occurred to me that the layout of the Hobonichi weeks could work out really well as a financial planner for me. Added to that, the Gillio pocket agenda, VdS, and Succes brand agenda covers I had recently purchased are a similar size, and they have credit card slots. This means that I can make a finance planner and wallet combo with the weeks! 

The sections that the Hobonichi weeks has are the yearly view, monthly view, weekly view, and numbered notes pages at the back. 

I’ve placed sticky notes to indicate what I would like to record in the different sections. As you can see, in the monthly, I want to write down bills and pay dates. Not only as “forward planning”, but also as a “recording after the fact” thing, with actual figures.  I also want to record the total amounts of income or expenses per day, and the monthly total of each. This is so I can get an idea, at the end of the year, which months seem to be the most expensive months. In the yearly view (not pictured), I was thinking to track the days I spent money. I thought it could be a good idea to see how many days in the year do I actually pay for something. I sometimes feel like my tendency to spend is more out of habit, than necessity. So I would colour the day red if I spent something, and green if I didn’t. In other words, it would be a yearly overview of my spending habit.

The weekly section is where I want to get more detailed. Here I will do a daily expense log, and also colour code my expenses. On the notes pages next to the week on a page, I will calculate the total amounts I spent for each category (for now I’ve divided it into wants and needs), and also calculate total expenses and incomes of the week, which will be logged into the monthly pages.

The notes section at the back of the Hobo weeks is really nice as it has an index page. In this section I want to plan my monthly budgets, track my savings, and keep other lists relating to my financial life. I will go into more detail when I make the video.

This is not the first time I have attempted to have a finance planner, or section in my planner. I’m usually good for a month (maybe two), before I fail :/. I’m really hoping that this will be the set up that helps me gain total control, and a better overview of my finances. And hopefully I reach some financial goals in 2017! 

How do you guys track or manage your finances? Do share your ideas or resources down below in the comment section. I would love to learn more! 

‘Till next time,



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