Taiwan planner/stationery haul

Hi all!

Once again, it’s been very quiet here at this blog. I was preparing, and then was on tour in Taiwan! Of course, other than being super excited to be on tour and in Asia for the first time, I was looking forward to all the stationery and planner goodness that I had heard were plentiful in Taiwan. I made sure to make a list (otherwise I would surely go broke). Taiwan didn’t disappoint! Basically in EVERY STORE, you can find some sort of stationery or planner goodies. It’s amazing!!!!

I wish I had taken more pictures (I’m not in the habit of doing that), but I would really love to return to Taiwan again one day, and perhaps then I will remember to take pictures :p. But here I will share with you what I brought back with me, and a few pictures of some things that I saw on my last day there. We happened to walk by a sort of craft fair/ market, and saw some amazing hand made ring bound and midori style planners, as well as some handmade pens and pencils, amongst other things. 



The above handmade planner was being sold at a museum. Isn’t it pretty and cute?!


Some washi-tape at the first art/craft fair that we saw. I did manage to resist buying everything in site 😉 lol


But I couldn’t resist these handmade wooden pens and pencils that we saw in the second market. The man is engraving my name on a mechanical pencil.


And on both sides of the man with the handmade pens and pencils were handmade leather goods which included midori style and ring bound planners, wallets, etc. I was in heaven!!! 

And now for what I actually brought home:

Delving more into the land of Hobonichi for next year.
Have been wanting the capless pen in yellow, and the brass case for a long time. Was super happy with this purchase 🙂
Have also been wanting the Davinci inserts because of the Tomoe River paper. 


On my birthday, I went to the Muji store. It was the first time I had ever been in a Muji store. Conclusion: want my whole apartment decorated by Muji! 😀 lol. I was very conservative in my purchase I think. 


Some ring, midori, and pocket agenda sized inserts that I found in a bookstore and some other random shops. I’m telling you, they sell stationery and planner goodies everywhere!!!
A look inside one of the inserts. I liked the look of this layout. And love the fact that it’s undated. 

I’m pretty happy with what I ended up bringing back home. I loved that I found lots of undated inserts, so I don’t feel the pressure to use them all next year. I had hoped to find more hobonichi products, such as the stencils, but I was not lucky to find them. I’m also proud of myself for not buying everything in sight! Believe me, the temptation was real!!! But being on a minimalist journey has really helped me to curb the impulse spending when it comes to planner and stationery goodies. 

I do plan on using them all at some point. The hobonichi weeks will be turned into a finance planner or sorts. I’m hoping to turn the A6 avec into a daily planner/ bullet journal or just use it as an art journal…or a mixture of all that. I deliberately bought the avec so that if it doesn’t work out, I can at least sell the second half of the year to someone who would use it. I bought the midori inserts thinking that I would trim it down to fit in my Gillio or Van der Spek pocket agendas, but since they are undated, I’m thinking that I may one day try to really give the regular size travelers notebook a proper chance as a planner. Time will tell. 

So that’s it. I hope this post has been interesting and has made up my long silent spell. 

‘Till next time,





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