Reasons to get a Gillio

Gillio Firenze is a Belgian family owned business and makers of high quality leather goods. Most of us know them for the planners they make. Yes, they are on the more expensive end of the scale, but here I want to list a few reasons why one would choose a Gillio planner over other brands:

Quality/ Handmade:

Gillio planners are of a very high quality, from the leather to the stitching. Everything is handmade and undergoes multiple quality checks throughout the process. I believe they only have two people who actually hand make the planners in Italy. This means that it takes a very long time for planners to be produced, but the outstanding quality of the end product is well worth the wait and the money in my opinion. And if you end up not being completely satisfied with you planner, you are very easily able to get at least 90% of your money back by reselling it, as these are highly coveted planners.

Lifetime Guaranty

I think it is quite rare that products have a lifetime guaranty. When I do encounter a brand that offers this, it makes me confident to spend invest my money in their products. However, still most of these companies require that you have purchased their product directly from them. This is where Gillio goes above and beyond. If you have bought a second hand Gillio product, from anywhere, and you encounter any issues, you are free to contact Gillio and they will be happy to find a solution for you.


Gillio leather is…undescribable! It is guaranteed and certified vegetable tanned Tuscan leather, using old traditional tanning methods. I believe this method is what makes the leathers so unique and also brings out the unique characteristics of all the leather pieces. In this way, no two Gillios are the same. And their epoca leather….WOW!!!! They age beautifull, and are virtually indestructible! Here is a link to the scratch test that shows that you can easily rub out any scratches that may occur. But also, recently someone’s Gillio product was unfortunately in a burning vehichle! But she managed to revive it, and quite easily it seems. So now we can say Gillio leather is fire proof 😉 lol

Supporting a family owned business

As mentioned in a previous post, I like to see where my money is going. Knowing the people who provide these high quality planners, and knowing that I’m supporting them by buying their product is very satisfying. 

Customer care

Maybe because it is a small family business, they care about each Gillio customer, new and old. Although it takes a while for them to respond to customer feed back (in terms of what we would like to see changed in the planners, or what kind of leather we would like to have come back), they do listen, take notes, and eventually deliver :). And let’s not forget the afore mentioned lifetime guarantee!!!

Replaceable rings

The rings are not from Krause, but they are of a good quality by themselves. You can choose to have them install silver or gold rings when you order from them. However, if you must have Krause rings, don’t worry, because the rings are replaceable! So you can order Krause rings and easily install the new set with the help of some youtube videos to guide you. I hear it’s not so difficult to do.


To find out more about Gillio Firenze, here is link to their “About page“. There it goes into a little more detail about their history and how their leathers are made. As always, this is not a sponsored post and I’m not getting compensated for this. Just sharing my honest opinion :).  




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