My Gillio Firenze journey so far…

As the 2016 meet up is approaching, I can’t help but look back to what I had then, and compare it with what I have now. I went to the 2015 meet up with my one pocket Gigliodoro Amica Intimo, never imagining that a year later I would have a proper collection of beautiful Gillios to be proud of!


How did it grow so fast!? It’s really true – it’s nearly impossible to stop at just one. You want to have them all!!! Some might hesitate at the price tag, and I wouldn’t blame them. Dropping down more than €100 for a planner is, well, quite frightening! All I can say is that, it’s worth the expense. As a recent graduate of Music, I really am not earning, and do not earn much. I’d like to think that I am smart with how I spend my hard earned money. The quality, craftsmanship, leather, smell, everything about these planners are so worth it. These planners are built to last a lifetime, and does come with a lifetime warranty. But if you are not pleased, you really can sell it on and get most if not all of you money back on it. Think of it as an investment 😉

Of course, you are not obliged to buy these planners brand new and/or full price. What you can do, which is basically what I mostly did, is wait for the sales. Gillio recently has been doing more promotional sales. Join the facebook fan group to be the first to know. They are also recently hosting more competitions to give people a chance to win some Gillio products. So you can definitely try you luck. Check out their facebook page or take a look around their official website to find out more about their products and see reviews.

There is of course the Gillio Market Place on facebook where other people sell their planners at good prices. This is a good option if, for example, you’re in the U.S. and don’t want to wait for the long shipping time of the planner to get to you. 😉

Luxecadeautjes (an Amsterdam based shop) also posts offers in that facebook group, and they have their own website where they have a great selection of older style Gillio products (called Gigliodoro). 

And keep your eyes open. You never know when and were you will see a Gillio out in the wild! :D. Some of mine were bought in shops that I never expected to see them in. And of course you can always check ebay.

And now I present to you the video I made, sharing with you my Gillio journey and the planners I am proud to have in my collection: 


Of course there are more on my wish list. I wouldn’t be a planner addict if there weren’t 😉 lol. So perhaps there will be an updated planner collection video in the future. I certainly hope so!

‘Till next time,


*Disclaimer: I am entering this blog post to win a Gillio voucher. However, what is written and recorded are all my honest opinion. I have not been paid, promised, or given anything in return for this review, and all planners have been bought with my own money as stated in the main blog post and video. I honestly love my planners, and of course hope that I will be able to win the competition to add another Gillio planner to my collection 😉




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