Philofaxy All Stars Tour 2016 and Goals

So I have some exciting news that I have been keeping from you. I am part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour for 2016! So basically this means that I will be writing guest posts on other blog sites and I will also receive some guest posts in return. I’m super excited about this as one of my goals this year is to be more present and diverse on my blog.



I started this blog with the intention of sharing all my interests, and so far it’s been all about planners. Mind you, I love that, and I honestly don’t mind because this has been my main obsession. However, as part of my goal, I would like to make more room in my life and blog for my other interests.

Another goal of mine is to start and stick to a minimalism/ simplistic lifestyle. Last year I read the Marie Kondo book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which got me started on this path. A simple and healthy, stress free lifestyle is what I am aiming for this year, and the guest posts will reflect this.

So be prepared to get some really great blog posts about different things. I will also let you know when my posts will be published on the other peoples posts. I hope you will enjoy the new subjects.

Don’t worry, I will not forget posting about planners. I am still thoroughly obsessed and have a back log of post ideas to type and publish 😉 lol. Tomorrow you will meet my first guest blogger. Hope you will all tune in to read.

‘Till next time,




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