Mulberry Comparison


Warning: This is a long and picture heavy post! 🙂

I recently acquired some Mulberry agendas as I want to try the A6 size. The first one I bought was a new one as a birthday present to myself. The other two I bought second hand from searching online. I have since sold one of them (the Darwin) as I just wasn’t able to love it as much as I wanted to :/. You can read all about it in my review here.


So from left to right we have the Scotchgrain, the Darwin, and the one that I got on my birthday. I don’t know much about this model other than it’s a Saddle leather (SL) in Cognac (this was what the tag said). The SL is very smooth, the Darwin has some texture to it and the Scotchgrain is the most textured of them all. It’s very rough and also the sturdiest binder. I wouldn’t mind taking this one out in the rain. Probably because it is not real leather on the outside. (Yes, that’s right, Scotchgrain is not leather. You can go and find out for yourself on the Mulberry website.) All of them have a double popper which is a feature that I love about the Mulberry agendas.



When you open them up you start to see more differences and similarities. On the right hand side, the Scotchgrain and the Darwin share the same pocket layout: a secretarial flap with 3 credit card slots on it, and a full length slip pocket. The SL has 4 credit card slots and also a full length slip pocket.


On the left hand side the SL and Darwin have the zip pocket and a full length pocket behind that. The Scotchgrain only has a full length slip pocket. All of them have a pen loop on this side as well. Out of all the layouts I prefer the Darwin’s. It has the best parts of the other two: a secretarial pocket and a zip pocket.

WP_20151101_009 WP_20151101_010 WP_20151101_011

Above you can see the pen loops up close. The SL and Darwin have elasticated pen loops but the Scotchgrain has a full leather pen loop. It’s not a big pen loop so you won’t be able to fit multi-pens if you wanted.

WP_20151101_007 WP_20151101_008

The secretarial flaps are gusseted which I also absolutely love! All planner zip pockets should be gusseted in my opinion.

WP_20151101_012 WP_20151101_013 WP_20151101_014

The ring sizes are all the same (20mm I think…correct me if I’m wrong), so they also have the same thickness at the spine.

scotchgrain left side
scotchgrain left side

A really nice tartan fabric lines the inside of the Scotchgrain planner. You can also tell that the pocket is made from real leather, as you can see the rough part of the leather shown in the above picture.

Scotchgrain - under secretarial flap
Scotchgrain – under secretarial flap
Scothgrain - right side
Scothgrain – right side

But on the right hand side, it has a canvas fabric under the flap, that is attached to the Scotchgrain.

Darwin left side
Darwin left side
Darwin - under the secretarial flap
Darwin – under the secretarial flap

With the Darwin there is leather under the secretarial flaps but a black fabric lining under the slip pockets. This fabric lining is also on the right hand side and in the zip pocket as well. The SL has red fabric lining all over.

Saddle Leather - left side
Saddle Leather – left side

So that ends my comparison. I’m not so knowledgeable about Mulberry’s but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below. If you have any information about these planners, also please let me know via the comments section below as well. Am always happy to learn more :).

‘Till next time,



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