Comparison: Guildford vs Regency

Guildford Regency Rings 23mm 23mm Leather Deluxe cow nappa leather Embossed calfskin leather. Ostrich pattern. Dimensions Height: 150mm Width: 126mm Depth: 42mm Height: 190mm Width: 133mm Depth: n/a Left 6 credit card pockets 1 deeper pocket 1 secretarial pocket 6 credit card pockets 1 full length outer pocket 1 full length inner pocket Right One... Continue Reading →

Review: Aqua Lockwood

In September I finally received the Aqua Lockwood that I had preordered earlier in the year. I would have received it sooner but since I was about to travel when I got the message that they had them in stock, I asked them (them being Presse und Tabakshop - a German Stationery shop) to hold... Continue Reading →

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